Tuesday 6 April 2010

Cast a long shadow - # 13/10

No postings for more than a week.  I've been focusing exclusively on the exercises and building up to this - MOWING THE LAWN.  A normally 40 minute job was spread over two sessions over 24 hours. Who would ever think that slipping on ice could be so disabling!

Daily arm and shoulder lifts have now added a small weight to the misery: that's real progress.  40 lifts a day have gone up to 120-160 but there's still a great deal to do.  Stair climbing is getting better, too.


  1. Thought of you today as I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the delivery company UPS driver training. They showed a driver in training learning how to walk on ice in a slip and fall simulator. Greased floor and slippery shoes. However, he had the advantage of a harness and a "skyhook".


  2. Tks Gene. That's a good point. I've spoken to Postmen and delivery drivers who have all had difficult experiences. In my case I knew I had suddenly entered the "minefield" and was working out how to safely extricate myself. Detail wld be too long to explain, but I wish I had instantly dropped low. The fall happened in a microsecond. I was being extremely and totally careful - but this one "had my number on it".

  3. Well who'd have thought you'd be mowing the lawn. That is progress even if it does take a long time. You are doing really well, Stuart. Bravo!

    I don't see how you could have dropped low. It's all so instant isn't it? I remember when I fell 2 metres on to the level below (in my garden) - I seemed to fly thru the air for ages but really there was nothing to do but wait and get my back hit on a stone step. At least I didn't suffer the damage you did. Suffer I did tho.

    Keep up the good work - exercises and photography. You are doing great!

  4. Never thought I would ever hear someone so proud to be mowing the lawn. So ... only the mower to assist your balance. And nothing when you are taking th photograph.

    I am impressed ... with the work required and with the dedication.

    Bravo, indeed ...

  5. Thinking about the speed of the fall, and your estimation that 'this one had your name on it'. I can appreciate that 'dropping low' is not necessarily feasible as you are already on the way down. I know when I had my fall in October, I remember wondering what was happening and have no knowledge of the actual fall and its aftermath at all. Which brings me to the alternative, prevention being better than cure.

    Is there any way of recognising what is 'black ice' and what is not?

  6. WEll I for one would give you a pass on lawn mowing! Maybe it just feels so good to be able to be outside and move around that this task doesn't seem so bad? Bravo! And take it easy!!

  7. Great to read the improvements!!