Thursday 8 April 2010

Goose pimples and snake skin - # 14/10

But stay! Step back, for there lyeth the tempter! See and tremble in fear of ecstasy as you touch his skin and run the hand along his beguiling, muscular, sinuously controlling form.  Feel how soft, how firm his flesh and shudder at the power that he can unleash.  Step back, or choose to slide in behind and grasp tight.  Revel in the delights of the steering wheel and receive the blessing of the all empowering motor car.

Gee, it's nice to find that my arm has enough movement and strength to drive a car!


  1. Lovely shot, Stuart. Just enough to be recognisable even minus the text. Three months, only, and they allow you to drive. YOu feel you have the strength to drive. Well done!

    I was told that my insurance would be null and voic if anything happened, so had to give up my car.

    Once again, well done, and value it. It is a tough thing to lose.

  2. Now the "barfly" has wheels??? Oh dear, this should be interesting. :)

    PS I agree with Julie. Great shot.

  3. Wow! This is getting really better!

  4. Ceci ne me rassure pas pour autant sur tes capacités. Figure toi que ma tante, qui était quasi centenaire et ne voyait plus rien de rien, de plus dotée de vertiges qui l'empêchaient de marcher ainsi que de douleurs aux jambes, se demandait si ce ne serait pas bien qu'elle se mette à conduire pour être autonome (elle avait son permis mais n'avait jamais conduit de sa vie). Heureusement, elle y a renoncé !