Monday 26 April 2010

Domestic chores - # 20/10

Last Saturday's "Wallander" (Swedish version) on BBC television was exciting and also quite bizarre.  I guess that the theme was familly relationships and the nature of famillies and how fragmented these modern famillies can be.  The bizarre element was that (as far as I could make out) there were at least three and possibly four police officers who were carrying out dangerous operations against Russian mafia killers while at the same time caring for their children as single parents.  The most bizarre of all was the single parent "anti-mafia squad" police detective who was living in secret on a tugboat in the harbour together with his young daughter!  Each morning he saw her off to school, fed the guinea pig and then set off to track down the world's most viscious men.  At the same time his colleagues were going through similar single-parent familly acrobatics.

There was also an undercurrent: the theme of team spirit and mutual support among the police team.  The team was the familly, and each one strove for professional excellence and lived or died depending on the vigilance of his/her team mate.  The "real" famillies were broken and took second place behind the professional team, but did not lack parental care and love.

Bizarre, and disturbing, but good television.    (Until I can get out and about again you're going to have to put up with more of this bizarre "City" photography).


  1. It's one of the few Swedish detective series where I have seen more TV versions then I have read novels. There are actually three Swedish actors that have played Wallander. My favorite would have to be Krister henriksson.

  2. @Steffe.......Tks, Steffe. I'll pay attention and see if Henriksson is the current Wallander.

  3. I see you've taken up biological warfare research to while away the hours of immobility

    I watched Wallander as well - quite enjoyed it. NB are you listening to BBC radio's adaptations of Le Carre - "The Complete Smiley?"

  4. I think I must have missed something here. You say you are not out-an-about ... but you mowed the lawn and went down the local.

    What did I miss? Did you topple after a tipple?

  5. Hi Stuart! Bizarre and disturbing... That's what happens when we see too much television... ;)

    Curious about Halicarnassus? Blogtrotter Two has it... ;) Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  6. Oh that bottom pan looks like the one I had tonight when I left the chicken on while I blogged. OH DEAR! :)