Sunday, 2 May 2010

Wallander in High Definition and close focus - # 21/10

In the last two blog entries I've compared and contrasted the original Swedish "Wallander" series and the BBC British version.  This link introduces us to an interesting discussion:

One contributor regrets the fact that in the British version the scene is so bright and sunny and the architecture so "Scandinavian Clean" whereas the Swedish version is more gloomy (weatherwise) and the architecture more dull and not particularly attractive.  It's more like the real everyday Sweden. 

One important item is the mention of a new HD video camera, the "Red One", that was probably used to make the British version.  This camera produces stunning visual results. The British "Wallander" positively dazzles us.

I think that the Director has used this camera very cleverly.  He shows a scene bathed in sunlight, and surrounded by clean "stainless" architecture, but the characters and the stories are far from "stainless".  They are in fact deeply currupt and disturbing.  The contrast is very effective.  We are shocked by the differences between reality and image.

For those who know Britain and Scandinavia well there are some fascinating insights to be won when watching these two versions.


  1. Interesting observations Chucker. Agree about the atmosphere - worlds apart, and the characterisations.

    Regarding the "Red One" - did you hear that an episode of "House" had been shot using a Canon EOS5D? That is a thought....

  2. Cela me plait tes préoccupations actuelles et le sérieux de tes analyses, on sent que tu es vraiment impliqué dans ces réflexions. Tu me rappelles moi-même lorsque j'aime un livre ou un auteur, j'en parle tant autour de moi que plus personne ne veut se lancer à lire le roman que j'ai adoré.
    Les français ont un béret et portent une baguette sous le bras. Les britanniques ont un chapeau melon et sont toujours avec un parapluie.
    Pour avoir une bonne idée des décors de la Suède, pourquoi ne pas regarder le dernier film de Bergman, "Sarabande" ?
    (Extra les deux photos et si différentes, ambigües. Tu fais tes crêpes toi-même ?)

  3. .. just had another thought. I wonder if the UK perception of Sweden is in any way influenced by the ubiquitous, and rather anodyne, clean lines of IKEA furniture.....

  4. I can't take it anymore!
    I know you are wonky but go outside!
    Go to the river!

  5. I must be one of the few Swedes who haven't watched the Wallander series, neither the Swedish, nor the British version. But I have recently followed the Millenium series, which gave me the rare occasion to listen to Swedish on my TV (I tried to avoid reading the subtitles)!

  6. Herringbone is noice ...

  7. Hi Stuart! I see that you are watching a lot of TV... What about Ephesus? Blogtrotter Two has it... ;) Enjoy and have a great week!!

  8. Great texture in your photo today, and reading you is most interesting.

  9. WEll I"ll leave the Swedish thing to Peter and I'm lost and I'll admit it.
    What I can say is, this is a really terrific study in texture and i like it very much. You have amazingly found so many wonderful things to photograph while just a bit "homebound". I say BRAVO my friend. Your spirit amazes me and I continue to enjoy your posts and applaud your recovery.

  10. Ah, interesting texture. Can't enter the discussion on Wallander - have read one of the books but that's about all. Hadn't thought of Sweden as dull etc as you write. I believe I went to Stockholm a couple of times and one other place, forget now - to judge dog shows - but always in good weather and it was just lovely. Perhaps I had too much wine...