Sunday 17 October 2010

Four trees with two figures - # 85/10

These days I'm forced to find "a good photo" in the near vicinity and work with what's available when I'm available. That makes you look harder and try to see things in a certain way, or style.

So, everything here is as carefully crafted as I could make it: the perspective, the grouping, the tones, the scene, the shadows, the exposure etc.  But to begin with I saw it and thought "That looks nice. I wonder what I can do with it".  For you it might not work, but for me it's approaching the quality of what I call a "gut wrenching" B&W.  It's not quite there, but near enough and it's all I've got time for at the moment.


  1. Tu as l'air de dire que faire une bonne photo est fastidieux alors que tout ce que tu as eu à faire a été de sortir quand la lumière était douce et belle et de remarquer qu'elle s'amusait dans les arbres qu'admirent ces deux personnes.
    A moins qu'elles n'aient rien remarqué ? Elles semblent somnoler...

  2. It is lovely. And, stick with it, 'roon. There are better days ahead.

  3. Oh yes, this is fabulous. So striking - superb composition with those four trees and the light and shade.