Saturday 2 October 2010

Nicer than yesterday's - # 74/10

On reflection, this is the one I should have chosen yesterday.  Same impressions, but a better expression?


  1. Looking at both photos I think that the colors on this picture are more "normal".

  2. Celle-ci est-elle meilleure ou bien l'autre ? Personnellement je préfère la première, car elle a plus de mouvement, de relief et de matière. Elle est plus vivante aussi et c'est pour cela que tu l'as choisie tout d'abord. Les racines tourmentées apportent beaucoup, le cadrage depuis plus bas (genou à terre ?) aussi. Je me trompe peut-être mais la première joue plus sur l'effet de la surprise, d'ailleurs les volatiles sont venus vers toi puis se sont habitués à ta présence (à moins qu'ils ne t'aient pas encore vu). Le photographe est aussi donc sur la première photo.

  3. @Cergie & Steffe.......thanks for giving your time to these images. Cergie has sensed the movement and the "torture" that attracted me. I was indeed keen to catch the movement of the birds as they came forward before they noticed me and turned away. Steffe has seen the surreal/unnatural and intensity of the colours that surprised me and made me want to take the photo.

  4. I prefer this one for all its movement and textures. It is also alluring for what you cannot see as well!


  5. I'm hoping it's ok to put my opinion in , but I prefer this one S. I just like the composition a bit better.

    Glad to see you posting more often. I must get you back on my list to see regularly!

    All the best to you my friend,

  6. Of course I have to chip in! I like both, she said, sitting on the fence but the one that appeals to me emotionally - draws me in, makes me want to be there is this one. It's the framing and the light. Beautiful. It always reminds me of a time, on a river near Lewes in Sussex with my first boyfriend. Messing about on a boat - ah those were the days...