Saturday 11 December 2010

The Bar Fly chooses a chair- # 109/10

No postings for a week. Not so much busy as totally preoccupied by "things"....home admin, bitter weather that does not encourage outings, and just general "stuff".  So the bar fly was pleased when his friend, known mysteriously as "The Railwayman" called him out for a drink and a chat.  Waiting quietly in a very cosy, welcoming but totally empty inn (cold weather is bad for business) the Bar Fly started snapping.  Just sit quietly and enjoy the things you see.


  1. Haven't visited for awhile. How's your health?

  2. Very nice, almost abstract photo. Hope you are well.

  3. I"m so thrilled to see my Bar Fly up and back in action. Love this chair. I photographed one at my church that looks very much like it .
    Go forth and........sip! :) LOL