Wednesday 29 December 2010

Muscat Moments 2 - # 116/10

The Omani camel.  This is definitely the preferred way to travel. Don't you just love their little "teddy bear style" ears and curly coats?  Giant 4x4 cars might get agressive with a Nissan Sunny from Thrifty rentals, but they won't mess with a camel.

It's now noon and hot, so having been out since 08.30 I'm back indoors and going to sleep till 15.30. The Indian workmen laying paving stones and building things will toil on regardless.


  1. Beautiful camel and wonderful decoration, even the woven muzzle. Sounds like you are having a fascinating time in Muscat. How wonderful it is.

  2. I love his/her adornments. I love the fact that his people spend so much time, making him look attractive. (Can he still bite with the muzzle on?)

  3. This is an exotic addition to your Richmond blog. We will see where it goes.

    Best in 2011.

  4. Hasn't he got a bony head?
    And look at those bony bits his eyes are attached to.
    I've never really looked at a camel's head before.

    For some reason I just want to throw myself against his neck and tackle him to the ground!
    And squeeeeze him.