Wednesday 30 March 2011

The City of London, midday - # 55/2011

"Waterloo sunsets (I am in paradise)" is a famous song by the Kinks.  French impressionists (I think I'm right) have painted it. 

This is "Waterloo lunchtime" - at noon.

Many will recognise it and love it. Those of you who have no idea about London will now see.  This is London in March. On sunny days London's nice, but on grey days it's, well, just Grey!  London has enormous amounts of culture and entertainment to offer the tourist, but the overall sense of London is "Business and Commerce"; "world Business"; and that's how I like it.

I am standing on Hungerford Bridge looking East towards Waterloo Bridge and the City of London in the distance. St.Paul's Cathedral, with its distinctive dome, is more or less in the centre and the towers of the city are clear on the right of it.  On the extreme right we see the rising central core of the new "Shard" - the skyscraper going up at London Bridge.


  1. Hi Stuart!
    I’ll be out next week (just two hours to connnect from Terminal 3 to terminal 5, no chance for the beer... ;)), but Blogtrotter Two has something new for you... Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend and week ahead!!

  2. This is one of my favourite views, in the late 1960s I used to travel into Waterloo and then morning and evening walk across the old Hungerford Bridge to work in Whitehall.

    My other favourite view is from Twickenham Bridge or train from Richmond to St Margarets looking up towards Richmond Hill.

    So fortunate to have grown up and been able to stay in this part of the world.

  3. @Pixie......Yes, it resonates. Nice to hear that you know it and react so well.

  4. Forgive me for going missing! I'm back and this skyline with the lovely sky is worthy of a painting.

  5. Monet made a number of paintings of Waterloo bridge, in different lights. You can do the same thing! :-)

  6. This view is stupendous and the light just magic. LI'm not familiar with London at all, I went there a couple of times as a child and went back once some 15 years ago.

    Will you be posting photos of Menton ? I hope so. Everywhere you go I'll be thinking of you. Will you give Jilly a hug for me?

  7. Je me dis donc que tu es parti en voyage loin de ce paysage famillier et que tu l'as publié pour l'emporter avec toi. Je me demande ce que je mettrais si je devais m'éloigner. Avant de partir en Californie j'avais photographié des forget-me-not.
    N'oublie pas de revenir...