Thursday 14 February 2013

It's lovely up North

"It's grim up North" is a phrase well known to softies who live in the South of England.

The other day I took a not-very-productive photo walk around North London (which is still "South": the North of England being a terrifying place where barbarians are rumoured to live. Of course, I am joking. Some of my best friends are Northerners).

The photography wasn't successful because my "creative eye" wasn't functioning well.

But I couldn't resist this scene.  I took several photos inside and around but failed to capture the essence I wanted, so I've ended up with this simple record snap of "the essence of North London". I love these places. An oily, really run down place with a couple of blokes working magic on motors. They were great chaps, welcoming us in and having a laugh about photographers.

Letty in Oz (a good cyber mate) has been bugging me to start posting again. She's right. I should be taking more pictures and showing them, but the weather has been awful for months (note the typical flat grey featureless sky that "climate change" is casting across London for many days of the year) and my attention has been diverted elsewhere. I will try harder, Letty.


  1. Ah ha!!
    Look what just popped up in my feedreader!
    I love these kinds of photos with lots of bits to look at - I like to "embiggen" them and look at all the little interesting bits.
    And there are some curious things in this shot.
    For what purpose do you suppose they have put that old piece of white cruddy board against the blue car - must be some sort of mechanicy trick?
    And to the left of shot - a yellowy green thing with pointy bits sticking out of it??
    And I love the 3 different shaped buildings which are kinda made from contrasting yet complementary materials.

    It's funny you are having grey skies in London - I've been looking at this fella's blog up in Shetland and they have been having the most glorious blue winter skies. (Yes, I know, Shetland is 800 odd miles away).

    And oh yeah....Welcome back!

  2. C'est curieux, il me semble que ceci est un message et une photo d'une autre personne, cela ne signifie pas que je n'aime pas mais je ne te reconnais pas là : cela change des châteaux et des palaces !