Tuesday 19 February 2013

Just looking............

Walking around London and just experimenting with the shapes formed by the new city blocks.


  1. Hi, I am Liz, a Swedish woman living in Stockholm and that loves London and Richmond where I have spent a lot of time and also used to live in Kingston. I found your blog a couple of years ago and have missed seeing new updated for a long time but tonight I thought I´d give it a try and was very happy to see few blogpostby yourself. I hope you will keep it up because I really anjoy your photos and your "eye" on London and Richmond. Thanks for sharing and know I appreciate you taking time to post on it occassionally. Best Regards from a very cold and snowy Stockholm this year. Liz

  2. I like this, perfect in black and white!

  3. Lovely shot. So many lines and the textures add artificiality to the already unnatural shot (in a good way).