Wednesday 11 February 2009

The trompe l'oeil painter - # 09/20

It's always nice to see someone working. At Ham House we are boxing-in a delicate table marble-topped table piece that needs to be protected at certain times and in certain conditions.

Tim and I painted and prepared the wood with an ultra smooth finish, laying on about 5 coats of paint to very precise instructions, each coat being a different type of paint and smoothing down each layer to a mirror-smooth finish before the next one was applied.

This work prepared the base for the trompe l'oeil painter who created a realistic marble top that matches the original hidden underneath the box, and now she is applying a design that will match the surrounding wall panels, which you can see at the back.

It looks great! I tweaked the contrast a bit to emphasise the shadows, but you can already see the realistic effect emerging on the flat surface.

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  1. Most interesting work she is doing. Is that your wife at work? She is doing a nice job.

  2. I have a very good friend who does this type of decoration! Amazing what they can do!

  3. Hi Chucker! Trompe-l'oeil always intrigued me; amazing!

    Interested in Rajasthan? Blogtrotter has it! ;) Enjoy, comment and have a great weekend!

  4. Facile pour moi d’imaginer la minutie de ce travail, car j'ai côtoyé un architecte grand spécialiste de "l'habillage" des murs afin de rattraper les différences de niveau. Ponçage et re-ponçage ! Même sans trompe l'oeil. C’était un spécialiste aussi de la laque.
    Chez Claude Monet, à Giverny, il y a beaucoup de meubles peints, notamment dans la cuisine. C'était un procédé de l'époque car n’existaient pas nos matériaux modernes.
    (Le focus est fait sur la porte ; on se laisse tout de même abuser...)

  5. I have done some handpainting and I so admire these trompe l'oeil artists. It is amazing what they can achieve. I'd love to see the finished product sometime.

  6. I so admire trompe l'oeil painting - and it sounds as if you worked really hard to prepare the surfaces. That's a lot of coats of paint. Very interesting. Love to read and see photographs of what goes on at Ham House.

  7. Hi Chucker! Can't see your new post, if any... Blogger peculiarities...
    Probably, you were so busy with Valentine’s Day, you didn't paid attention to Rajasthan? Great mistake... ;))
    Have a great Sunday!!