Wednesday 25 February 2009

Grey days in Richmond upon Thames - # 09/26

When the cloud cover is constant, day after day, with no dawn and no sunset, and no feature in the cloudscape - just a flat grey - you must experiment and make the best of it.

Looking towards Richmond Bridge from Petersham Meadows we at least get a shine on the water as it tries to reflect the featureless sky, and the lens picks out the distant bridge and puts some texture into the water.

It's late afternoon. There should be a fine sunset from behind me; but there ain't.

Camera: Olympus E3 Lens: Olympus 14-35 1:2


  1. I hear what you are saying... but look hard enough there is something that will spark the day even a grey one...

  2. @Tony....Too true! And that's what attracted me to snap this. Even in the greyness something was whispering.

  3. To photograph nature's beautiful palette of a sunset is easy. To create a thing of beauty under these conditions is far more rewarding. Superb photography, really.

  4. It looks very nice! I've been in London 12 years ago but I can't remember how the Thames looked about. I think I will visit your blog constantly... It's interesting! Greetings, Lilo

  5. Nice try Chucker, but I think you would agree that this is not one of your best. However, it could be that the point is exactly that. Can a photograph excel in describing the impossibility of taking a good photograph?

  6. What you got is a neat photo deprived of much details in the dark area. I like it in black and white and it sure is suitable for cloudy days.

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    Pat and Abe Lincoln
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  7. Je suis sûre que je pourrais traverser ici en marchant sur cette eau...

    PS : j'ai de la chance, même lorsqu'il fait gris, j'ai toujours au moins du soleil vers midi et cela me permet de faire les photos que je veux en jouant sur l'ombre et la lumière, avec le soleil comme éclairagiste.

  8. I do love the reflection on the water and the boats but winter landscapes depress me. (How spoiled I am I know but it's the truth) I suppose I'd have taken a closer shot of a boat, or part of a boat along with the reflection of that beautiful river, and avoided the sky - but you know me, avoid what I can't do...