Sunday 15 February 2009

Walk gently into that sweet light - # 09/21

You've seen similar perspectives from this view point, but in this one the light is different.

For many days, even weeks and weeks on end we've had no dawn and no sunset; just endless cloud. Now, as we move towards the Spring we can see a small change. The quality of light is definitely changing, and we've even had the occasional dawn and sunset (but not many!).

This clean steely-grey sundown endows the water with its magic quality and the river reflects it back, with gratitude.

The river tow path is wet with the remains of rain, snow and flooding as water rushes down from higher up river.


  1. Now I manage to see this one; and it's excellent!
    Great shot; glad that the endless clouds are somehow gone, at least for a while... ;))
    Have a great week!

  2. AHHHH 'roon, I love it when you get all poetic. Well this gorgeous image deserves nothing less. You captured the light beautifully and that reflection off the tow path is so nice. The color in the background is so unusual and you nailed it my friend!

  3. Reflects it back with gratitude is a wonderful phrase. You have captured the quality of the sparse light perfectly. Bewitching image.

  4. Nice shot William Chuckeroon Wordsworth

  5. Water and snow! I guess you have had enough of it the last couple of months! ... but seen as here, it's really nice!

  6. This is beautiful. Very Constable. Love that tree, the silhouette, that wonderful sky. And then the reflection the group in the middle distance, what looks like a village, but perhaps isn't in the distance. All adds up to poetry and perfection.