Sunday, 1 February 2009

Chinese New Year! - # 09/15

The local Chinese community performed a special Dragon Dance to entertain shoppers in Kingston and invited us to join in their New Year celebration.

I have just watched an enthralling 1 hour BBC TV programme in which Richard Attenbrough told us all about Darwin's great discoveries and demonstrated to us that, in a certain way, we are all related to oneanother right through the chain from the earliest slimey thing in the primeaeval ocean 572 million years ago up to man. We are indeed, all animals and all men, all one family.

This gave me a lot to think about and ponder.


  1. Does that mean you're my brother???? Oh Lordy!

    PS Yes, tomorrow I have Chinese New Year right here in good ole podunk Birmingham , Alabama.

  2. C'est vrai, cela donne le vertige...
    A notre petit niveau, nous les bloggers, à quoi tient notre rencontre ? A une succession de petits "clicks". Tiens, pour Cergie > Chuckeroon :

    Reflex < Hpy > Cergie
    Cergie > Hpy > Peter > Cergie
    Peter < April > Cergie > April > Richard > Chuckeroon

    Cependant, le dragon est le seul des douze signes du zodiac chinois qui ne fait pas partie du règne animal.

  3. Je peux remonter plus loin :
    Google < Maxime > Cergie
    Maxime < Reflex > Cergie

  4. >>>>>>> GOOGLE c'est DIEU !

  5. ... and it's now only, old man, that you discover this? :-)

    I did a post on the Chinese New Year celebration last year, so I let it be this year ... although I was back in our China Town.

  6. At least you have discovered evolution - makes you in a minority of 50% though

  7. A fine looking suitably menacing dragon and the back-up team all in red. Love it!