Monday 20 April 2009

Clear signs of Spring 11 - # 09/55

Don't believe everything you see.

Is this the proof that the biblical story about planting a rod and seeing it spring up as a lively tree actually has validity? Well, yes. We all know that the allegory is correct.

This is the last in the series "Clear signs of Spring".


  1. Weird (and compelling). Almost an upside-down tree. A Magritte tree.

  2. I like the idea and your comments... but where are the spring colours? :-)

  3. Well I knew Peter would say it before I did! I would love to know what flowering plants are embracing that snag but in BW I'm puzzled. I will give you a bow however, because it's quite nice in BW regardless.
    PS I still want to know what they are! :)

  4. Very reminiscent of Richard's tree trunk. Whilst I do love black and white, it's spring for heaven's sake and I want to see colour!

    Ah, just read the above comments and see Peter and Virginia feel the same. I think you are outnumbered, 'roony.