Monday 13 April 2009

Clear signs of Spring 7 - # 09/51

The Snakes' Head Fritillary. There is a fine colony in the Wilderness Garden at Ham House. I have heard that there is also an outstanding colony of these rare plants at Magdalen College, Oxford. Fortunately the Ham House colony has both pink and white examples. It's worth enlarging the photo to see the delicate pattern on the white. Hurry to see them. They will soon be gone for another year.


  1. These are exquisite. I especially like the graceful leaves at the top of each bloom. Perfectly captured. That's some very nice macro work C.

  2. Wonderful! I think I saw the special lense you may use for this last weekend when I met another photo specialist (Bob from Saint Louis). (Or, I may be wrong. I just continue with my compact and the automatic settings.)

  3. Virginia's word exquisite is perfect. Love the treatment - as if through a delicate mist.

  4. Oops...I had not read the entire I begin again...

    This photo is certainly an inspiration to a novice photographer such as I. The delicate, draping flowers with dainty tracing on the petals look like inhabitants of a fairyland.
    This is beautiful work.

    Mr. Chuckeroon,
    You had asked me a question on my blog a few days ago. If you would be so kind as to send me an email, I will happily respond and solve the mystery.

  5. That is an interesting looking flower. They looks like sad tulips.

  6. Sad tulips is such an apt description form Ming. Positively stunning delicate image.