Monday 6 April 2009

Clear signs of Spring 2 - # 09/44

A boy duck closely following a girl duck is a clear sign of Spring.


  1. What amazes me is the perfect stillness of the water around the first duck. The effect is striking.

    That boy duck doesn't seem to be paddling very hard. Does he already know he's won the game? LOL

  2. They don't look real!
    That second duck is exquisite.
    What kind is it?
    Please don't say one of your ordinary, everyday ones.
    Actually, looking again, the first one is beautiful too - especially that faint little stripe near her eye.
    Are they the same kind of duck - can ducks interbreed?
    (I've never thought about ducks so much in my life? except maybe that one time I had duck confit - then i was more thinking about the confit bit, rather than the duck bit...yes, rambling again...)

  3. @FF........this is a male Muskovy Duck following a female Muskovy. Male ducks are generally very showy and the females are dull: perhaps the dull colours protect them sitting on the nest.

  4. @FF............P.S. The ducks I showed a couple of weeks ago are Pochards. Again, the male is showy and the lady is very quietly dressed.

  5. Nathalie, I reckon the reason the male duck isn't moving, hence the still water, is cos the female duck is back peddling to get to him. After all, he is stunningly beautiful. Are all boy ducks more beautiful than girl ducks? I guess so - it was ever thus!

  6. Only in the human world are the females the more er, colourful ones. He is dazzling and the photography is simply stunning on this, and no you can't disagree humbly. It really is a joy.

  7. WOW! This duck picture is perfect! Love your "artsy-fartsy" photos. (that's a compliment) Fun to look through your blog snaps. I'm new to CDP; I started EAGAN daily photo. Greetings from Minnesota, USA