Friday 10 April 2009

Clear signs of Spring 5 - # 09/48

"Follow the light". The Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park is gradually re-awakening. The Magnolias have flowered; we now wait for the Azaleas. The tiny streams are flowing freely with fresh water draining from the natural springs in the Park.

I confess to de-saturating the greens and yellows and increasing visibility of the natural reflection of the sky in the stream. (Perhaps I should have left the green and yellow tones as they were. I was most interested in the effect of the stream and the path of light when I took the photo). When playing about I was surprised to see the effects achieved just by a very tiny alteration in the White Balance.

Camera: Olympus E3. Lens: Olympus 9 - 18mm set at 9mm and locked at f6.3


  1. Good imagination here Chucker

  2. Well, I have not the same professional view on this as you and Richard. Maybe I would have preferred a bit more green and yellow! :-)

    Happy Easter!!

  3. I bow to your decision. You're the photographer and this is the image you wish to show us. It's lovely. I'm surprised that you have azaleas. I posted some Alabama azaleas on my header today. They abound here and it's a sight to behold.

  4. Je préfère cette version car je n'aime pas trop l'excés de jaune de celle du dessus. Celle ci a plus de relief. Elle est douce, mystérieuse avec des reflets métalliques.
    De toute façon il ne faut jamais donner le choix à tes visiteurs !