Monday 20 July 2009

Bright morning! - # 09/110

As I wander through Ham House looking for something unrepairable to repair I come across many delightful vistas and clever conceits designed by the 17th Century architect to please and capture the attention.

One of my favourites is the arrangement of the windows on the Great Staircase that floods the house with natural light and gives a wonderful vista outwards to the mathematical precision of the formal so-called Cherry Garden. I never tire of it. (Camera settings were tricky, and I used a very tiny burst of flash to balance the exterior and interior light, after taking the main reading precisely from the sunlit garden).

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  1. Awesome view and photograph. And thanks for including the technical information.

    It always helps to learn a little more technique when it comes to tricky lighting.

  2. great pic and difficult to get right... but you have it here... works well..

  3. Wow, this is impressive!!

  4. Wow! This one is gorgeous!

  5. You did a great job showing in the interior and the gardens beyond.

  6. Great sense of the space - and it is highly unusual when you think about it