Wednesday 8 July 2009

Richmond roofline 14 - # 09/104

HELP! I'm all boxed in!! (A funny little modern attic extension on a charming little cottage).
In Twickenham, one of the communities that is part of the Borough of Richmond, Twickenham and Barnes, there are several narrow, sloping lanes that run directly down to the river from the main road which is higher up the gentle slope of what were once the old banks of the Thames.
These lanes are full of small cottages and old store rooms and work shops that were once part of the tiny riverside community that never dreamed it would become an affluent suburb of the mighty capital city that dominated the world for about 100 years. (Watch out America - you have barely 50 years left before you lose your title).
I'm boxed in too. Not much time to get out and take photos at the moment.


  1. An original window solution, but obviously a nice way to get an extra room!

  2. An amazing window indeed. I wonder what sort of space it creates inside. I'd love to visit :-)

    Thanks for your visit in Avignon. Being a Brit, you know the truth about sunflowers and other devices don't you? Frightening, eh?

  3. What I want to know is, how do they get to the window? Do they crawl until they get to it and can stand up? LOL! That is funny looking indeed.

  4. I love the antennas. We don't see those around here anymore. They add a little something to that cute window I think.