Saturday 4 July 2009

Richmond frontline - again - # 09/102

Back on Teddington High St. again we admire the elegance of the 19th Century shop front.


  1. Nice to see... but I guess the buisness is "new"?

  2. Wonderful! Love the bus stop!

  3. I've just started a similar blog for Lancaster - - so am interested in comparing similar sites. Will be looking through your blog for inspiration and tips since you've been doing it a bit longer than me! Any pointers to your favourite pics over the duration of your blog would be appreciated. With thanks.

  4. De la dentelle. Une impression de fragilité.
    Dis moi, est ce vraiment la vitrine que tu as voulu photographier ou le reflet de la rue au soleil ?
    Il devait faire chaud... Tu as bien fait de rester à l'ombre.