Saturday 11 July 2009

Richmond roofline 15 - # 09/105

Chinese Puzzle.
"What on earth is he doing now, with this monstrosity of a photo?" (Just tweaking the sliders idly because the weather is bad and I'm short of photos).
It is actually meant to commemorate the tragedy of the "Loss of the Richmond Ice Rink". Some years ago Richmond lost its excellent and much loved ice rink where once champions were trained. An estate of luxury (very much luxury indeed) flats were built on the ice rink site and because of a fiasco in the negotiations (how can such a thing happen?) Richmond lost its ice rink forever, instead of having a new replacement built on a convenient site. Shame!!!


  1. Why are your photo's always so underexposed ?

  2. And these are the luxury flats? Love the all-glass room on top!

  3. @Anonymous.....once the finger of mischief has acted it is never long before the hand of dystopia that drives it becomes exposed by the light of ignominy.

  4. Only just spotted this......... ;-)

    Humph couldn't have come up with a better answer!