Thursday 8 October 2009

Colourful migrant - # 09/144

London has long been the home for spectacular Green Parrots who stem from an escaped pair and have now extended themselves across London so much that recently they were declared a "Pest" and you can get a licence to cull them if need be.

This snap has been extremely magnified from a 400mm telephoto shot and the bird was also flying at speed, but you can see the amazing colour scheme that nature has given to this parrot.  (I also forgot to switch on the image stabilizer which did not help the definition, either).

It's a Green Parrot, but the fanned tail and the underside of the wings displays beautiful colours that we down below rarely see, except when the high speed camera catches them.


  1. mmm the modern cockney sparrow...


  2. How surprising. I'm amazed they can cope with the cold of the UK. Such beautiful colours.