Thursday 1 October 2009

Servant girl - # 09/140

Another playful mock 17th Century bit of fun. I decided to show this because the "antique greyscale" treatment, in combination with the natural light, makes the most of the magnificent marquetry floor. This floor is very precious, and I'm only allowed to walk on it if I put on special slippers. The Olympus C7070 compact camera has done a good job capturing the details of the furnishings and the shiny tones created by the natural sunlight coming through the special double-layered anti-UV blinds that protect the treasures of Ham House.
I like this simple picture. It really pleases me: but without the servant girl it would be severely depleted. Now there's a thought.


  1. Yer spot on about the way the floor comes out.... no snide comparisons with colour then?....... ;-)

    The default effects in Lightroom are quite addictive.

  2. @Richard......Yes; one must be careful not to descend into cliches, but it is effective for this scene. I was startled when I saw the good result.

  3. Shouldn't she be wearing a black dress with a white, starched apron? Fantastic foto!

  4. @Chuckeroon - I have already descended as I'm sure you have noticed...... but like Persephone I will strive to emerge for at least 50% of the time

  5. It pleases me as well. A lovely shot with the floor as the star at least until you spot the "servant girl". The photo draws you in and then there is much to see before you leave. Beautiful.