Monday 19 October 2009

The working man- # 09/148

.....I'm still hard at it but unable to leave you totally abandoned without a nice cliche-ridden B&W: hope you like it.  (FYI.....the workman (not me) is replacing the anti-UV filters on the Ham House windows.  The House is a very strictly controlled to prevent destructive UV rays getting at the collection).


  1. We are very happy with this photograph C. I do like it a lot. I'm partial to silhouettes for some reason. Nice.
    PS Glad you're back amongst us.

  2. Hi Stuart! Your B & W are great, as always!
    Blogtrotter is now at an old spa in Turkey. Enjoy and have a great week!

    I'll be sleeping one night probably at LHR by the end of the month, but I don't think we'll have a chance to have a beer together; maybe one next time...

  3. A fabulous light! ... and the floor looks just fantastic!

  4. Cet homme serait transparent comme un vitrier ?
    J'aime bien le travail du carrelage (?) qui s'harmonise avec celui du parquet, et les dossiers des chaises.
    La lumière du soleil fait beaucoup de dégat dans les vitrines mais aussi celle de la lune à laquelle on ne pense pas (une amie qui a une boutique me l'a dit)

  5. Tu ne peux nous abandonner... Cela me fait penser à Paul Valéry : "un poème n'est jamais fini,seulement abandonné."
    ("A poem is never finished, only abandoned.")

  6. Nice photo. I like it in black and white.