Sunday 11 October 2009

Hidden delights - # 09/146

...another heavilly magnified crop, but worth displaying.

The green parrots enjoy eating Ham House for breakfast, and swarm about, early in the morning, attaching themselves to the brickwork.  We guess they have found something in the 17th century lime mortar that appeals to their taste, or perhaps they like to extract the grittiness to help diges the seeds they have eaten.

The parrot's lovely underside colouring is generally hidden from view until we photograph it in flight.  Likewise, visitors to Ham House probably fail to look up and notice the rich detail in the soffit of the roof.  This detail was of course included to show off the wealth of the owner when the house was extended in 1672.


  1. HA! Richard's on it! They've become quite a nuisance there I hear. When is green parrot hunting season there?? Nice catch of this fellow in flight. The soffit is beautiful. Today we got two for one!

  2. What a shot - love the colours against that beautiful cornice.

  3. The color contrast against the pale stone walls is striking indeed. Excellent shot.