Sunday 20 March 2011

The Bar Fly meets The Stand-up Comedian - # 52/2011

I enjoy "Stand-up".  It's often a bit crude (and sometimes it's unnecessarilly crude). It's certainly not "politically correct" and that's good in a world where political correctness has got out of hand and needs a rap on the nuckles. 

I have to thank the comedians at the Ram Jam Club at the Grey Horse in Kingston for kindly allowing me to photograph them in action, using only "available light" .  This is the most charismatic image I captured during a laughter-filled Friday night.


  1. Do they still use to shock words to open the crowd up? Or are those days gone and the speakers have come up with new words.

  2. @Abe...stll the same old words.

  3. So who is he, does he have a Youtube site or something because I need a laugh!

    oh, and cool candid portrait.

  4. Oh I'm thrilled that our Bar Fly is out and about again. I love stand up as well!