Sunday 16 October 2011

All the fuss is over - # 126/2011

A few weeks ago a fellow Richmond area photographer, Robert Piper, captured some moments of extremely violent aggression in Bushey Park as stags fought during the annual rut.  His photos made the national press and went even further around the world.

My trip to Richmond Park, during the same period, was obviously poorly orchestrated!  I found nothing but peace and harmony.  I kept my distance from this huge bruiser as he sat with his 20 or so hinds.  I didn't want to annoy him.  However, this extreme crop from the 400mm lens has come out well, to show that life is not always "total war" - depending on the precise moment when you view it. 


  1. Very nicely caught. I saw the pictures you mention, I think they just want to be left in peace.

  2. Wow, bruiser is right. He looks tough. I expect he would rather be a lover than a fighter.

  3. Alors là bravo ! Je t'envie d'habiter dans un endroit aussi près de la nature comme du temps où les rois et les nobles chassaient !
    Un beau mâle, des femelles soumises et un doux tapis d'herbe folles...

  4. I imagine he already won the battle... men!