Sunday 1 March 2009

Evening water - # 09/27

There's still not much going on under these skies, and there's even more rain and cloud forecast for the coming days.

This is an excuse for not finding much inspiration, and being unwilling to set up my tripod in the kitchen to do intriguing macro photos of rotting fruit (Ah! An idea!!!!).

However, yesterday evening the Thames at Kingston looked attractive as it reflected the (briefly) brightening sky. I enjoyed just standing and looking at it.


  1. See, only photographers can find the magic when most can't see it at all. This is magical and so lovely. I like the post before BW as well. Both are calm and just so nice 'roon. Even when the weather's less than perfect , you find a way.

  2. This would be a perfect theme day photo with water as smooth as glass!

  3. Oh yes, lovely....beautiful pinky light showing off the detail of those feathery trees and playing on the water.

  4. I'm waiting for the rotten fruit....

  5. C'est une intéressante question métaphysique dans laquelle je te réjoins : même lorsqu'il fait beau une photo en intérieur peut apporter beaucoup de satisfaction. Même Cézanne a peint des citrons et Vlaminck des natures mortes.
    Je suis d'accord avec toi : avoir le regard vague et suivre le fil de l'eau est une occupation au cours de laquelle on ne voit pas le temps passer. C'est mieux que de regarder la télévision...
    Tiens, je me mets à coté de toi et je me tais...

  6. time lapse of rotting fruit w/subsequent fruit flies?
    may i suggest some architecture in richmond for those of us who have not been to the u.k.?

  7. @deborah.....Deborah, I've "done" the architecture bit for two years. You'll have to scroll back to see that. Nevertheless, thanks for the kind visit and taking time to comment.

  8. o.k. 'roon - will do so! thanks for the visit.