Thursday 14 May 2009

Farewell to Menton - # 09/64

Please click on the Menton link in the righthand side bar to see other selected shots of the Menton trip, taken by my fellow bloggers. Here is my farewell shot, taken on the Olympus C7070 wz compact, as we had our last hours together in the hill-top village of Gorbio.

From now on, I must return to focus on addressing Richmond, and try not to go ranging around on the hunt for other locations.

However, it's quite clear why the British "took over" the Cote d'Azur after they discovered it when making their "Grand Tours" in the 18th and 19th Centuries. The climate is indeed delightful.


  1. Gorgeous fizzy memories come up with this shot, don't they?

    Coquelicot, rose, violette, lavande (poppy, rose, violet, lavender) - take your pick !

    I love your shot, much better actually than mine, which Jilly posted on her blog in Menton today: I'm quite upset about the cropped stem of one the glasses!

    Your lemon photo is lovely, with leaf and shiny reflection. My own lemons sitting in a fruit bowl at home are a great reminder of our time together. I hope there will be a next time.

  2. Great idea to post the kir, Chuckeroon. I think it went down rather well with all the visitors actually! Wonder why! Chuckeroon, I've linked to your photo from Menton DP today.

  3. Sorry, meant to write 'on' Menton DP today.

  4. WEll I've already had one violette sparkler at Jilly's place this morning. I'll have another here as well. Both you and Nathalie did a superb job at making my mouth water! Nathalie is too hard on herself. Her photo is beautiful as well. And don't be in such a hurry to focus on Richmond. We need to see a few more of your shots from Menton!!!

  5. @Nathalie.....appologies for repeating the shot. Shd have been more careful. However, the point is we all had a great time playing at this, and moving the chairs about to get that nice shadow. Perhaps I shld show the one of Jilly standing high on a chair trying to frame it. BIG LARFS were had by all getting this one.

  6. Nice to remember this moment! Do you remember which flavour finally was yours? (Mine was lavender.)

  7. I said this too Jilly but I've been so envious this week of your little get together in for me the best part of the world. Perfect farewell image.