Saturday 2 May 2009

On a close reach - # 09/62

A typical scene on the Suffolk coast. This vessel looks to be a good 75 years old. Sailing fast, sails reefed; the stiff breeze from the North Sea is strong enough to lay her over to the rail. She's all wood and brass and full of style: captured sailing past the ancient Suffolk village of Orford, a place with more than 1,000 years of British history to tell.


  1. D'ordinaire on aime avoir de l'espace DEVANT le nez de la personne ou de l'animal ou de l'objet bougeant. Parce que cela donne une meilleure dynamique, sauf lorsqu'il s'agit d'animaux ou d'objets laissant une trace, un sillage derrière eux (ce peut être un avion, ou un canard) ainsi sur cette photo on voit le présent et le passé au lieu d'anticiper le futur... Un passé très proche car ce voilier va vite.

  2. Je vais me projeter dans mon passé assez lointain : sur le canal de l'est (en France) j'ai passé quelques jours sur un voilier en bois qu'un norvégien (Eric) remontait de la Méditerranée vers la mer du Nord. Les voiles étaient affalées ainsi que le mât bien sûr. Pour passer les écluses.
    Et nous étions beaucoup moins rapides que ce fier voilier (le bateau d'Eric était aussi moins vieux : il l'avait construit lui-même de ses mains)....

  3. @Cergie....a canny interpretation. I have several shots of this; the others with the conventional "rushing forward" rather than the "just about to disappear". Cergie has captured the thought in my mind: the village is very old and in the past, but it has a present and a future. Likewise, the boat is both in the past and it is creating its own future, moving quickly. How nice to find one's thoughts so well perceived. Thank you, Cergie.

  4. Mt grandfather used to build boats like this. A few of them seem still to be around. Have to investigate on the net.

  5. There's tension and action in this photo. I love that.

    Completely agree with Cergie's bright analysis. The photo works particularly well with the boat placed just THERE.

  6. I love this shot as well. You've given us a little holiday in one snap! I won't argue about placement. You knew what you were doing as always.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi Chuckeroon! Another hectic week and my tour of blogosphere suffers... ;) But it seems you're sailing too fast nowadays; no blogosphere stops...
    North Sea breeze... I would say rather gusty wind... Can't forget the beach at Scheveningen... ;)

    Blogtrotter just ended the tour of temples in Old Town Vilnius and waits for you there. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  8. Nice sailing picture.

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