Monday 18 May 2009

The Lock Keeper's House - # 09/68

Teddington Lock, Richmond upon Thames: built 1810, rebuilt 1857 and a few times thereafter.

We are standing in the porch of the delightful Arts and Crafts style Lock Keeper's house, looking across at what was once a busy boat building yard, and is now (like everywhere else) a development of new apartments.


  1. This looks more like some suburbs of Sydney by the harbour than like a lockkeeper's house in Brittany. Isn't that interesting?
    Good on you for waiting till a bike passed by.

  2. Like this point of view, nicely framed. Ah yes, Nathalie's absolutely right, the biker makes the shot so much more special.

  3. Locks are the most fascinating places. Great to watch other people work! Love your shot, Chuckeroon, and with so much background detail. Agree with Nathalie the bike makes the photo, although I think I'd like it anyway. Those arches and the way you framed the shot is so eye catching.

  4. Like the bicycle! Mmmm.. why is the ceiling blue?