Saturday 23 May 2009

Speeding along - # 09/73

A really happy week-end to you all!


  1. Elle est fraîche cette image, avec cette marguerite au milieu du panier et cette personne qui pédale la tête bien haute. Et pourtant il doit faire chaud, l'herbe (oh que j'aime l'herbe) est éclaboussée de la lumière d'un milieu de journée...

  2. Feeling delightfully dizzy with this picture, it must be the scent of spring in the air !

    I'm quite impressed that you managed to achieve such a composition while riding a bike next to this charming lady. You must be very good at riding with both hands off ;-)

    Thanks for your soothing comment about the French firefighter's helmet. My commentators definitely needed a bit of fresh air :-)

  3. Chuckeroon can work a digital camera wearing gardening gloves, so doing it while riding a bicycle is obviously a dawdle.

  4. @Richard...a reviewer of the Olympus E3 has indeed reported that it is possible to swap a 400mm lens for an 18mm super-wide angle whilst wearing gardening gloves and cycling at speed. This includes tightly replacing the back-end dust cover and zipping the bag for safe-keeping. All this and without losing the magic moment of the fleetingly glimpsed shot.