Saturday 16 May 2009

The Fox - # 09/66

Walking through my favourite wood in Richmond Park a couple of weeks ago I saw six rabbits cantering along and diving into a thick bush. Then around the corner I met Mr. Fox, trotting along behind, confident that he was on the trail of some dinner.

We both stopped, I caught this quick snap before the fox turned away in disgust, and quickly disappeared. Just a normal day in Richmond Park.

Camera: Olympus E3. Telephoto lens 100-400mm set at 400mm. Image stabiliser on.


  1. I'm sure we must have foxes around here but I've not seen one in a long time - squirrels seem to be a bigger menace here.

  2. Love his direct gaze. Super shot, Chuckeroon. Now that you know my track, I can tell you that there is a fox who crosses the top of the track regularly. Previous owners of the house used to throw down food for it - it came up to that narrow terrace in front of your room, before there was a wrought iron railing there. Perhaps it was a different fox in those days?

  3. You still had time to focus on him and not on the bushes in the foreground, well done.

    There's a most interesting green tone to his coat.

  4. We actually saw, and fed with some bread we were bringing along for the squirrels, a fox in Twickenham (along one of the halley).
    Notable was a big cat standing behind her at the end of the alley, not caring at all of the fox.
    They seemed to well know each other.