Friday 18 June 2010

The Bar Fly discovers Krispy Kreme - # 31/10

Down there, at Shannon Corner, underneath the A3 Kingston Bypass lurks a piece of Americana.  The Bar Fly ventured out alone at a lateish hour on a wet grey mid-summer English evening to survey the character of Shannon Corner at night and specifically to sample Krispy Kreme.  He got a free doughnut added to his order so came away delighted, heavilly fortified by a massive sugar-rush and caffeine-high.   

The doughnut style of the central light fitting pleased him, as did the excellent "daylight balanced" lighting which suited the camera and produced a nice fondant effect for a sugary photo.


  1. Just turn around and walk away.

  2. And will you go back for another doughnut?

  3. Pour une fois, tu n'as pas photographié ton verre à moitié plein ou à moitié vide. J'aurais bien voulu en voir le niveau cependant...

    (Tu te lances dans l'écriture de romans policiers ? C'est un bon début... Et ensuite ?)

  4. Morbleu, Cergie! Tu m'epates.