Wednesday 2 June 2010

A Congress of Chairs - # 23/10

We seem to be stuck on the theme of places to sit.  Anyway, Freefalling of Australia will probably be pleased to see this. Glorious day, and I managed to stagger about in Richmond for a bit.  This is the terrace outside Tide Tables Cafe (again: and always great for a good photo).

Camera: Olympus C7070 wz


  1. I like all the lines in this photo. Do people really sit in a bit square like that?

  2. You have a good eyes. Great black & white !

  3. Oh, I AM pleased!
    It means you're getting better.
    I used to drag my cancer-ridden husband up hills and along beaches when he was in treatment.
    They said he was terminal, but 10 years later he's still here. My theory - fresh air will cure anything - boils, broken bones, dropsy.
    Well, fresh air, and a good rub with metho.

  4. There you go Stuart. Metho ...

    What I want to know is where are all the Poms? It is summer over your side of the world. Get 'em out in the sunshine, meboyo!

  5. Have we been here before? Peter was smoking etc? HA

    Lovely spot for you to stagger and then be able to sit and enjoy the lovely light and shadows. I"m enjoying it with you!