Saturday 19 June 2010

Time for an icecream - # 32/10

What can one do?  At 10.30 the photographer sets off under brilliant, clear blue skies with one or two small, pure white clouds and bright sunshine, intending to get some "Kingston beside the Thames in the sunshine".  By 13.20 this is what you have. A cool, in fact slightly too cool, wind and a sky like a tub of molten lead.  There are in fact about three layers of cloud, from low down stretching to high, all guaranteed to make it really grey!!  By the way, that's Queen Victoria up front of the market hall - no doubt thinking that this is an Indian monsoon developing.


  1. thanks for the Kingston Market picture. I have really missed them.. My son wo used to live in Kingston ad now Richmond will be with me soon.

    Rgards, Bob

  2. Oh dear, sod's law, Chuckeroon, or someone's. If it makes you feel better it's much like that here. White or grey with the odd patch of blue - so guess who prefers the blue? Sending you blue skies, tra la la xxx

  3. The dynamic range in this is impressive.

  4. Great photo, everything looks so clean too - nary a piece of litter to be seen anywhere.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  5. If at least the mill could have got some use of the wind! :-)

  6. Je ne suis pas sûre que cette photo aurait été plus belle avec un nuage comme ci ou un ciel comme ça. Celle que tu as faite me parait tout droit sorti du passé.
    "Serendipity" est un mot dont le photographe devrait faire sa philosophie. Le photographe fait des photos de rencontre et s'il n'est pas assez rapide, tant pis !

  7. Dear "Chukeroon"
    May I use one of my image for my GCSE cousework? It will not be posted on the internet and it will only be seen by my teacher and examiner. If you don't want me to use please email me on If I don't hear from you in the next ten working days then I will asume that I'm allowed to use the image.

    Thank you!