Friday 4 June 2010

The Bar-Fly goes cultural - pine staircase c1902 - # 25/10

Yes, indeed! This is another in the much applauded RuTDP occasional Bar fly series.  It's about pleasing shapes and arrangements (in the bar or pub); so let's admire this lovingly restored pine staircase - an example of the period around 1902 when the so-called "arts and crafts" movement was active in British architecture.  The Dysart Arms pub in Petersham is a good example of this style.

Camera: Olympus E3.  Lens: Olympus 14-35mm (28-70) f2.0. 


  1. What a wonderful, wooden staircase! Lots of character!

  2. I like the "A&C" period!

  3. Oh thank you dear friend for proving that the "bar fly" does still exist and is able to enjoy. Now this is a wonderful photograph. Really a "bar" ???