Saturday 18 September 2010

Another "glimpse" of Richmond - # 65/10

A couple of days ago we had the "glimpse" of a boat house.  Here is a glimpse of Orleans House - c1721  Orleans House link.  Both "glimpses" can be seen from the riverside car park close to Ham House. One could visit Orleans House, and then cross by Hammerton's Ferry to see Ham House, and combine it with a walk along the river and a visit to a chosen Richmond cafe (all featured in RuTDP at some time over the 3 1/2 years of its existence).

Those of you who like to see such evocative photos of Richmond might like to look at Steve Morgan's work . He specialises in beautiful images of the Park.

These harmonious 17th and 18th C buildings sit so wonderfully in their landscapes.  But it's easy to forget that this loveliness took 300 yrs to create!  


  1. Beautiful! I love the colour of the sky, though it doesn't look very "sky-blue" today.

  2. These 'glimpses' are recently deliberately created, by selective pruning and felling, as part of the London's Arcadia programme which has been restoring many such 18th century features to our river landscape.

  3. 'roon, I am enjoying your "glimpses" and at first wondered about the bench in the water thinking that it might be an artist's statement. Hah!

    The boathouse photo was just enchanting!

  4. Hi Stuart! Great to have some time to land here... This one looks gorgeous!!

    Blogtrotter Two is showing a wonderful site for your holidays: Costa Smeralda!! Enjoy, drop a line and have a great Sunday!

  5. Well it took a long while S, but you got it just right in a short time. And a beautiful capture it is. If I could paint better. I'd love to have a go at this.
    ( I swear, when i comment here I think I start talking like YOU! HA)