Tuesday 7 September 2010

Boating snaps - III - # 58/10

From ladies who chat to ladies who chat and smoke. The colour version actually has a nice blue plume visible but on balance I preferred the B&W version.


  1. I have seen some excellent black and white photos today. This is one of them. I will have to give more thought to B&W in the future. I think you guys are stealing the show.

  2. Just as well we can't see her smoking. I like this version best. You're back in your element dear S. Welcome back!!!

  3. This is fabulous! I adore the woman and her expression. Anyone who decorates their boat with a bird like that is OK in my book. Priceless!

    And a very very very nice photo too. I am loving your people shots by a person who doesn't do people shots!

  4. Jilly,
    I think he's grown past the "no people shots" business! :)