Saturday 11 September 2010

Street musician evokes image - # 61/10

Snapping a street musician in Kingston, I was surprised by the result. 


  1. I think the lady is white is his long dead mother come back to haunt him. She never did like his music!

    Seriously what an extraordinary photo that the figure is bleached out but not the rest - the musician and the background are as normal. Perhaps she really is a ghost!

    Love it!

    Menton Daily Photo

    Monte Carlo Daily Photo

  2. Hi Stuart! I’m back!! One week off, one week to deal with the mess created by the absence, a birthday almost no one noticed and a weekend to rest a little bit...

    £20 for what? A CD? A bit expensive isn't it? ;))

    Meanwhile Blogtrotter Two is enjoying a fabulous hotel: the Cala di Volpe in Costa Smeralda!! Enjoy, comment and have a great weekend!

  3. Oh that's a find S. Excellent!