Friday 24 September 2010

An edgy "glimpse" of Richmond - # 67/10

The two previous "glimpses" were of the charateristically "soft" kind.  Here's a glimpse of the German School at Petersham, close to Ham House and the river.  As we wind through the trees along the secluded Douglas Footpath we catch glimpses of this excellent modern building.  This was taken at 400mm telephoto length at f3.5, and I confess that I have dramatised it (but not excessively) on Lightroom to emphasise the impact of the lead cladding and the strong impression made by the cupolas in the glass roof.  I suppose we could hype up the sinister imagery of the security cameras, but on the otherhand, the lead cladding attracts "enterprising traders" who must be deterred.  My intention is simply to note and appreciate a glimpse of a good building within its Richmond "Arcadian" setting.


  1. I really like the angles here. I might have cropped out the surroundings just to make it a "puzzle" for us. Of course you are the artist here Stuart and I like what you chose very very much.