Saturday 29 January 2011

Contrasts with Muscat 1 - # 24/2011

Now that I'm back in Richmond I thought I would play a little game making comparisons. It won't last long but it will give me time to "bed-in" again.

I like this house - or rather the two (white behind, brown in front). Unfortunately poor camera management means that the image is not as crisp and sharp as it should be. (I was experimenting and forgot to reset the camera, and perhaps I should have attached my polarising filter, but I was too lazy - "Oh, the heat, the heat, Carruthers. This damned eternal heat. Why did I ever sign up for this service?").

Anyway, these are two "patrician houses"; the small brown one carefully restored to celebrate the old style, and the one behind, in the typical Omani "fortress" style with what looks like a Portuguese style balcony, reflecting the 17th century Portuguese influences in Muscat - I'm guessing. I'm going to try and contrast them with similar houses here in Richmond.

The houses are in a tiny spot, called Kalbuh, close to the main harbour area called Mutrah.


  1. Actually, the palm tree makes quite a statement.

  2. I bet you don't have a mountain backdrop like that in Richmond!

  3. You're guessing, but you're right. Perfectly Portuguese... No wonder; we got there in 1507... ;)