Monday 3 January 2011

Muscat Moments 7 - # 3/2011

The rather soothing and definitely pleasing form of the Arabic arch leads us forward into the great castle at Nakhal.  Oman is full of forts and strong points, hinting at the turbulent times in its long history. (Not a perfect photo - more of a snap - but as usual the harsh contrasts in light and shade force compromises that would need a full lighting crew to balance out.) After several attempts this was the shot that best captured the effect of the natural light on the arches.


  1. A wonderful series from Muscat that I discover a bit late!

    I take the opportunity to wish you a very nice 2011! I guess it's also the day to wish you Happy Birthday!

    Hope to see you somewhere this year!

  2. @Peter......thank you for your kind thoughts.

  3. It was your birthday? I wish I'd known. Happy Happy Birthday. I love the way the eye is drawn on and on through these beautiful arches.