Saturday 22 January 2011

Muscat Moments 25 - # 21/2011

Goats seeking shade.  As we come down from the jebel back to the hot semi-desert low land plains we find an ingenious system of shelters for people waiting for taxis.  Along the highways that sweep past the villages there are shelters to provide shade. There are no buses as we understand them in Northern Europe, but taxis patrol the highways.  You can phone or just wait for a taxi to magically materialise.  This is afterall the land of Sindbad the Sailor and the Arabian Nights tales. The goats find these shelters extremely useful. Goats are not daft!!!  And goat's milk and meat are vey good.  And their hair makes nice garments and decorative knick-knacks. I like goats.


  1. You should try goat's butter too. Tesco sell it. (Hush!)

  2. And the skin of a goat covers the djembe drum I like to play. Goats give us their all.

  3. Love this. I like goats too. Used to breed them in Wales and later in Tasmania. Lovely creatures although they can drive you insane when they go wandering! I love the atmosphere of this photo - you can really feel the heat.

  4. I like goats as well. Especially in the form of chevre and feta! :)
    I thought these two guys were statues! Who knew they were just catching a nap in the shade.