Friday 21 January 2011

Muscat Moments 24 - # 20/2011

The last quick snap from the "jaunt in the jebel":  a village lady in colourful traditional clothes carries a bundle of crops on her head towards the aged 4.0 litrewhite Toyata pick-up. In the foreground is a white plastic water tank looking like a a typical Omani watch tower with its crenelations around the top.


  1. That water tower is a hoot!

    Just so you won't miss Oman so much, there's a camel for you on Monte Carlo Daily Photo today!

  2. Hi Stuart! I see you're enjoying your stay... What about the beer at Heathrow?

    Egypt 2010 ended up on Blogtrotter Two in magnificent glory for Ramses II at Abu Simbel! Enjoy and have an exceptional weekend!