Tuesday 4 January 2011

Muscat Moments 8 - # 4/2011

The Arabic arch and the long shady colonade set the scene for this "Happy Families" shot. An Omani family enjoy the cool late night air and are walking the colonade for pleasure. Typically, as far as it seems to me, the Father is carrying the baby, (or happily pushing the buggy). This night shot is hand-held so a bit skew-whiff, but nice nevertheless.  We are down in the old Muscat harbour area known as Mutrah; a fine natural anchorage used for millenia by sea-farers on the Indian and Arabian seas.  


  1. That blue light is wonderful. Is this something particularly Arabic or of Muscat?

  2. @Jilly........I think they just hired a first rate international illuminations consultant. Muscat's illuminations for their 40th Anniversary Year of the New Oman are delicate, attractive, appropriate, not mean, but zero Bling. The Sultan seems to have got it right. Slow and steady, progressive but holding the people together as a strong unit, at a pace suited to real issues.