Monday 30 March 2009

Sunlight across Ham Pond March 2009 - # 09/40

We've moved away from Surbiton/Kingston back up to Richmond.

Some of you will recognise the Pond on Ham Common with Gordon House behind.

Here's another attempt to capture the brilliant reflection of the sunlight across the water. I dithered over whether to use colour or b&w. Sorry about the cars at the back - but that's the curse of urban living.

You can enlarge the picture by clicking on it. It's full size, so that you can roam around a bit.

(For the technically minded, I confess to a tweak using an "oh, so soft and slight" touch with the very useful Neutral Density Graduated Filter tool in Lightroom 2.3. The shaft of sunlight was OK "in camera" but I felt it needed softening slightly).

Camera: Olympus E3. Lens 14-35mm 1:2


  1. This is just lovely but absolutely stunning when enlarged. Anyone following me, click on photo to enlarge!

    The detail is fabulous - the light (and drops of water, I suppose) on the vegetation in the foreground, the ducks, the beautiful soft colour. The water has so much detail it's amazing. Oddly I don't mind the cars at all. They are either side of that beautiful building and don't seem to detract from anything. Really love this - what a colour.

  2. Superb! I love your lighting on this one.

  3. It's so lovely I don't mind those cars in the background. They seem to fit. I wish I knew Lightroom but I don't and I"m barely holding my own in Elements. It appears to me that the photographers that really NEED those skills ( like me) are the ones that can't figure it all out and the pros, like YOU, don't need all that. Phhhffttt.

  4. this is a stunning photo. very well done. I am enjoying the photos on your site.

  5. I like the colour one better because the b/w seems to have a touch of pink. So it's not a real b/w.

  6. too shocked to say anything