Wednesday 18 March 2009

No. 1 Electric Parade! - # 09/34

Now wouldn't you just love to have an address like that? 1 Electric Parade: an address to conjure with.

'roony's been lost and casting around for an anchor point. You've all felt his deep psychological malaise. He thinks he's at last found a strong stable point where he can attach himself. What can it be? What is it about Electric Parade that inspires him and renews his strength?

Do yourself a favour and enlarge the picture with a simple click.


  1. Working with wood will satisfy the inner you. Noice.

    However, that front wall looks like it is attached by those little metal things that keep the backs of photo-frames attached.

  2. great photo for today and I did enjoy enlarging it. So you like wood. good for you! Wood work can feel very satisfying.

  3. Right up your alley isn't it. Good one. Glad you found something that turned your crank!